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Price €1,639.34

A very nice version of the "Gallo" by the master Cascio with mixed media on canvas.


Price €2,868.85

Stylized representation of the Palio in a canvas of only 40 cm, interpretation performed by the master Cascio.

Mito contemporaneo

Price €2,868.85

Mixed technique on canvas for this painting representing the "Contemporary Myth".

Cavallo e Cavaliere

Price €2,868.85

Intense representation of the Knight and his Horse in a contrast of colors masterfully matched by Lorenzo Cascio.

Arrivo nell’atelier

Price €7,786.89

The "Arrival in the atelier", a work by Lorenzo Cascio from 2023, performed mixed technique on canvas with a handmade frame with gold leaf.

Immortali storie d'amore

Price €2,459.02

A snapshot taken at the moment of greatest affection between young couples is this painting executed by Cascio to fix immortal love stories.

Il Palio

Price €3,934.43

Horses and jockeys represented during the Palio, moments of tension and competitive spirit before the start of the race.

Storie mitologiche

Price €3,360.66

"Storie mitologiche" is a set of moments impressed on canvas with mixed media thanks to Cascio's great ability to interpret them by synthesizing them artfully.

Luoghi dell'immaginario mitologico

Price €3,360.66

Mythological figures are stylized and represented with extreme intensity in this painting with mixed media on canvas.

Antica grotta Sareddi

Price €12,295.08

Beautiful painting on canvas by the master Cascio entitled "Antica grotta Sareddi"

Gruppo di cavalli

Price €2,868.85

Painted on canvas representing a group of horses, by the artist Cascio.


Price €2,868.85

The representation of a Bull in all its strength and might excellently depicted on this canvas painting.


Price €2,868.85

The affectionate embrace between a man and a woman, all represented with the utmost delicacy and refinement by the artist.


Price €1,229.51

A small gem where the artist wants to represent Mythology in its synthesis.

Cavalli e Cavalieri

Price €1,229.51

Another small canvas of Knights caught riding their respective horses.


Price €21,311.48

One of Lorenzo Cascio's favorite subjects, The Horses, represented here on beautiful painting on canvas with the predominance of the shades of blue.

Atelier della moda

Price €7,786.89

The representation of a fashion atelier during the preparations, while the models pose and check their clothes and all the frenzy of the moment, reported by Cascio in this beautiful painting.


Price €7,786.89

"Atelier" by Lorenzo Cascio captures the bustling atmosphere of a fashion studio, featuring stylized models preparing for a runway show. Elegant lines and vibrant colors reveal the creative excitement and anticipation behind the scenes of the fashion world.

Mixed media on canvas with handmade wooden frame and gold leaf details.


Price €7,786.89

Group of horses, mixed media on canvas by the artist Cascio from his art gallery in Portofino.

Figure della moda

Price €7,786.89

The fashion figures, the models, the seamstress, the stylist, imagined in the pre-show preparations and depicted in this painting on canvas by Lorenzo Cascio.