Our story begins in 1987 when Lorenzo Cascio, my father, decided to open his first art studio in Portofino in vico Nuovo. soon this place became the meeting place for the intellectuals of the village and the destination of many art lovers who every year visit Portofino. It is in this first small studio that the marvelous doors for the church of San Giorgio are carved.

After a few years, my sister Maria Adriana and I begin to collaborate with our father, taking care of the commercial part. In 2000, the Cascio Art Gallery was born in the historic site of Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta.

From summer 2020 the gallery moves to the characteristic Calata Marconi at number 26, a magnificent location for a small treasure chest full of wonders.

We have always promoted our father’s work, trying to give emotions to our visitors through the beauty of art.