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La Prova

Mixed media on canvas representing the models in the atelier doing the last fitting before the fashion show.

L'Atelier di Mosé

In this vivid painting Lorenzo Cascio recalls the visit at the atelier of Mosé,  famous Taylor of Milan during the 70ies


Mixed media, acrylic and collage on canvas.


Mixed media, acrylic, collage and gold leaf on canvas.


Mixed media, acrylic, collage and gold leaf on canvas


All the power of the Bull in this vibrant and intense work by the master Lorenzo Cascio.

Teatro a Segesta

Painting with dimensions 60 cm x 60 cm entitled "Teatro a Segesta".

Antiche storie d'amore

Painting by the maestro Lorenzo Cascio entitled "Antiche storie d'amore", with mixed media on canvas.

Storie d'amore

Another interpretation of "Storie d'amore" with a prevalence of blue/light blue.


Abbraccio, depicted by the master Cascio in mixed technique on canvas with a handmade wooden frame and gold leaf.


Lorenzo Cascio iconic fish

Cavalli Bleu

"Cavalli Bleu", beautiful painting on canvas made with mixed media.

Cavalli e Cavalieri

Cavalli e Cavalieri, mixed media on canvas for this fabulous painting by Lorenzo Cascio.


Performed with mixed media on canvas, this painting is a riot of color, a fantastic expression of the artist Cascio.

Tre Cavalli

Painting on canvas by Lorenzo Cascio entitled "Tre Cavalli".

Fanciulle Blu

Painting on canvas of cm100 x cm120 by Lorenzo Cascio entitled "Fanciulle blu"


Mixed technique on canvas for this painting by Lorenzo Cascio entitled "Cavalli".

Coppia di Cavalli

Coppia di Cavalli, mixed technique on canvas by the painter and sculptor Lorenzo Cascio.