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La Prova

Mixed media on canvas representing the models in the atelier doing the last fitting before the fashion show.

L'Atelier di Mosé

In this vivid painting Lorenzo Cascio recalls the visit at the atelier of Mosé,  famous Taylor of Milan during the 70ies

Cavallo rampante

Sculpture made with technique of lost wax bronze casting by the maestro Lorenzo cascio.


Price €2,459.02

Mixed media, acrylic, collage and gold leaf on canvas.

Teatro a Selincumte

Painting on canvas where the artist recalls the mythology of the Theater in Selincumte with the actors of the time while reciting the ancient Greek tragedies. In the background the night with the moon and the sea just illuminated by moonlight.

Cavaliere a cavallo

Price €1,639.34

45 cm diameter ceramic plate with metallic reflections obtained by reducing oxygen in the firing chamber entitled "Cavaliere a Cavallo" by Lorenzo Cascio.


Lorenzo Cascio iconic fish


One of Lorenzo Cascio's favorite subjects, The Horses, represented here on beautiful painting on canvas with the predominance of the shades of blue.


Performed with mixed media on canvas, this painting is a riot of color, a fantastic expression of the artist Cascio.

Teatro a Segesta

Painting with dimensions 60 cm x 60 cm entitled "Teatro a Segesta".

Dopo la Sfilata

Mixed media on canvas, models after the fashion show.

Lorenzo Cascio catalog

Price €40.98

Very interesting Catalog published in November 2017 of 272 pages where it is possible to approach the history and works of the artist Lorenzo Cascio.

The dimensions are 32x25x3 cm with hard cover and dust jacket.

Storie d'amore

Price €901.64

Three simple representations to explain the story of a love in this small picture painted on canvas.

Cavalli e Cavalieri

Price €901.64

Another small canvas of Knights caught riding their respective horses.